Why Chinese Investors

  • 2016 Q3 China Outbound investment 140 Billion USD=126 Billion GBP;

  • China is the Biggest Single Market with 1.28 Billion total Population. By 2020, Chinese Pharmaceutical, Medical devices and Biotech market will reach around 1 Trillion USD, more than 1/3 of global market;

  • Problems in China-Aging population: 300 Million elderly in China (by 2025), 4 times of total UK population (70 Million);

  • Other problems include pollutions and sharply increased patient number serious diseases: Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases;

  • UK could solve the problems of China by providing advanced technology, innovation and high quality services;


Angel Investors & Institutions

An angel investor who has made 10 Million USD investment previously; His cancer drug company had IPO in China in Nov 2016; Now seeking for UK project between 1-10 Million GBP;
Hong Kong Based Family Offices/Wealth Management Firms; Capital is deposited in International Banks; Some investments have migration purposes, i.e. Tier 1 Investor (2 Million GBP) or Tier 1 Entrepreneur (20 Million GBP) Schemes;
A new medical fund based in Shanghai; Setup in 2016 by experienced VC firm and the biggest Pharmaceutical company in Shanghai; Initial fund size is 110 Million GBP; Total Fund in 5 year will be 1 Billion GBP; Investment range between 3 Million to 10 Million GBP per project;
A government backed VC/PE Investment Association based in Guangzhou; More than 100 owners of Public Listed companies; Total fund around 500 Million GBP; Experienced oversea investors; Investment range between 5 Million -10 Million GBP;