Success CASE

1:Cambridge Based Biotech Company

Biotech Research Tool Company

A spin-out form Cambridge University

Investment Type: equity

Investor type: angel investor

UK Investment White Paper

Launched in both UK and China

Targeting 1,000,000 High-Net Worth Individuals in China

Claim Property + HighTech Investment Model at the First Time

Roadshows in Major Chinese Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou etc

Reported by China major media including CCTV Finance

On-going Projects

  • More than 10 on-going projects in 2016-2017
  • 3 medical device companies for trade sale
  • Cancer drugs, immunotherapy and cancer vaccine
  • Cancer diagnostic devices
  • Wearable device for caring home (Digital Catapult)
  • Stem cell technology (spin-out of Cambridge University)
  • Potential drugs for diabetes in Phase II clinical trail
  • Non-invasive medical device for heart diseases diagnosis (Oxford University)